Acer nitro extreme moding

heyyy, i have an acer nitro an515-45 5800h/3060 i need a custom bios for it to hopefully get my fan controls unlocked on the bios lvl, i know these fans do 6122 but im only getting 5000/5697rpm, any help would be amazing :slight_smile:

i have modded heatsink+ liquid metal
modded venting for laptop core
upgraded speakers
upgreaded battery
upgraded display
upgraded ram/storage 32gb 3200mhz/5tb
gpu bois swap + hack 130w-150w 2.1ghz
230w adapter
casing mods ect
heatsinks on ram, drives, adapters and most chips

system bios is InsydeH20 rev 5.0 v 1.08

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