Asrock Extreme9 X79 NVME/bifurcation Mod Request

Hey Lost_N_BIOS,

I read the whole post/conversation Asrock-Extreme-X-NVME-ME-uCode-Mod-Request because i am searching for a way to unlock nvme and bifurcation support for asrock x79 extreme 9. I have the stock Bios P4.00 flashed(years ago), see attachement.
Reading about the difficulties with Jen, did you guys solved the issues and have a good complete working Bios? If so can you upload the file, because i couldn’t find the finale version.
Will the mod work with the Asrock ULTRA QUAD M.2 CARD? I understand you can only use 2 slots (x4x4) with the modded bios, is there now a way to fully utilize the 4 nvme slots? And are we limited to samsungs evo nvme’s or does it support mod support other brands as well. of course also in combination with booting from the NVME.

If you want i can make some screen shots of the eufi/bios.

I saw/read other posts of you, i can only say thanks and keep on enlightening people

X79 Extreme9(4.00) (4.89 MB)