Assistance with Modding Asus Bios

Ever since downgrading my Maximus VIII Formula bios to the bios 2202 to support my 9900K I noticed my 32GB 3200mhz memory kit can’t run the XMP profile on all four sticks including when reinstalling the 6700K. If I reinstall the 6700K along with the programming the bios chip back to 3801 the memory can run fine.

Do you think I can port over the “Improved DRAM compatibility” from 3801 to the modified 2202 bios to run my 9900k? I noticed the 2202 bios has most of the modules and drivers labelled with text while the 3801 doesn’t at all.…pDesk_Download/

@WannaBeOCer - So what, you can’t mod the 3801 BIOS to support 9900K? That would be what I would do, unless you know the specific settings helping then no one can really transfer over the improvements.
You can try to compare both in AMIBCP, look at memory training settings and see if you notice any differences, if so make those exact setting changes and see if it helps.
If you need me to do this I can, but the ideal and maybe only thing that will really work is to make the 9900K compatible with your 6700K. That should be possible, unless they’ve blocked something and it’s commonly known thing.


Why didn’t you mod 3801 for coffeelake?

Also maybe Dsanke can help you mod the Max IX forumula bios for your board

@Lost_N_BIOS The 2202 bios is the only one that supports 16 threads while the others only support 12 threads. I do not know the reason but that is known in the Coffee Lake guide thread.

I see, I don’t keep up on this kind of mod, but if you’re sure it’s a known problem with that model, then I guess you have no other choice than to try what I mentioned with AMIBCP and compare the memory training stuff and all other memory related settings in other areas too.
That may not help, usually memory fixes may be in other unknown files too, however it may help some so I would try that before anything else.

Or you could do what davidm71 mentioned, and use the other boards BIOS instead.

I would try to cross flash the bios from a Max IX Formula then and if possible with Dsanke’s help.

@davidm71 I was looking at the power delivery of the Maximus IX Formula and it’s completely different than my board. While the Maximus X Formula has a very similar power delivery to my VIII Formula. I would need assistance since I don’t know where I would begin at porting a different bios but I’m sure I would need a board with similar power delivery instead of one that’s much different.…iew/index3.html…board-review/3/

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Are you sure, it’s OK to ask if you want

Try update ME FW to and see if XMP works on 2202.

@dsanke Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it this afternoon and report back.

@dsanke I tried and the XMP profile still isn’t stable on both the 6700k and 9900k with bios 2202 when using 4 sticks. I also tried from the 3801 bios and it also wasn’t stable.

I noticed the ME FW from 3801 bios turns on and off instantly though compared to the which took a minute to turn on and off. Any issues with me sticking with ME FW with the mod?

Did you use Flash Image Tool to replace ME? If not so, that’s the problem.
When you use UEFITool or Hex Editor to replace ME Region, you can not transfer settings stored in ME Region.
And it will cause various issues like long time post or other.

Try set AC Load Line and DC Load Line to 1.6 for your 9900K ,and both SA IO 1.2v to see if XMP works.

@dsanke That might be the reason the why it was slow. I used CoffeeTime to downgrade to ME version from which I was using with my 6700k before I bought the 9900k.

I set those voltages and AC/DC Load Line settings and the XMP profile still isn’t stable with the modded 2202 bios.

Hi gyus, I have an Asus Maximus IX Formula and I want to run an i7 8086K. I have already modded the bios and put it on the stick. I wanted to upload this via USB flashback, but after 5 flashes the flashback button is permanently on and the old bios is still on it. What am I doing wrong? Could one of you maybe mod the bios again? Maybe something went wrong even though there were no error messages.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.