Asus CUV4X-E

Hello everyone, I would like modding the bios of an old motherboard Asus CUV4X-EA.
Mount the old VIA Apollo 133A chipset if I remember correctly.

The last official bios is the beta 1006.005.
I used to unpack it Award Bios Editor 1.0b.

I do not know where to find the files you want to integrate the ever modding if there are any.

Existed for upgrade files? Where to find them?

I attach the normal bios and unpacked. I hope you can help me thank you.

Bios estratto.rar (150 KB)

1006.rar (156 KB)

@bransk :
What exactly resp. which special BIOS modules do you want to modify?
Have you already tried andyp’s PhoenixTool?

I want to update everything possible, in particular upgrade the AGP 4x module.

I do not know where to get these updated files.

I did not use Phoenix, I used Award BIOS Editor 1.0b that reads well and allows me to make changes. I just need updated file type IDE Controller, PCI, AGP …

Unfortunately I do not know it either.

I want to add the "boot from usb", how can I do?

Actually is not possible.


I am sorry, but I cannot help you.