ASUS Dark Hero VIII - Modded Bios Flashing

Hello, nice forum here.
I’m on a ASUS Dark Hero VIII
Anyway, I have been trying to flash a modded bios (.rom/.bin)
using AFUWINx64 but EVERYTIME I flash I get this error.

American MegaTrends Bios BTW forgot to mention!

Flash Command: /p /b /k ← ( I get this error 18 - Error: Secure Flash Rom Verify Fail. )
Flash Command: /GAN ← (Checks rom file, then verifys blocks etc, BUT nothing sticks.)

I also have tried flashing the official .CAP to see if it’s a modded rom error.
but I get the same results from the official .CAP from ASUS.
So wondering what I’m doing wrong, or if there is a way to bypass?

Asus Official CAP update files can be with EZ3 inside bios interface or USB Bios Flash Back function and it cant give NO ERROR at all, with the ASUS USB BFB the file must have the correct name, that you can find in the motherboard manual.

Mod files, most of then can only be used with USB BFB, EZ3 will fail as you seen already, same as AFUWIN as it detects modifications.

Look in forum for AMD flash/mod.

Read This, the Annex Flashrom Section: [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

I Succeed on flashing my asus amd a8 laptop using flashrom (also backing up stock bios with it)

I’m trying to use this with AmideWin, not trying to do a actual MOD.
Trying to keep track of my computers stock serials in my shop would like to set
them to a custom serial number regarding UUID and Baseboard so that I can keep track of stock.