Asus G10CE bios modding.I really need this

Hello!I want to mod bios for asus g10ce prebuild system.I would be really grateful if somebody could help me.The version which I would like to mod is 309 not 314.Bellow is the link to the prebuild system.I am struggling for some time but I can t figure out how to mod it.I only want to see all the hidden options which are hidden by asus.Like memory xmp csm support everything.I ve tried doing with the the amisce but it says corrupted capsule bios and it doesn t let me to boot from ez flash utility saying this bios it s not a proper bios.Thank you in advance.I will provide any extra information if needed.
I need help with unlocking asus g10ce bios update.Here s the link for the bios.
ROG Strix G10CE | ROG Strix G10CE | Gaming Desktops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global. Forgot to mention I am willing to pay if needed.Another thing you should know is that this bios is write protected.

Any mods on this modern bioses should be worked only in an Intel_image bios region, extracted with UEFI tool or Intel FPT tool (Yours is ME15 tools package), not working in an AMI Aptio capsule bios file. There are no leaked AMI tools to mod these modern files, options to try IFR extract tool/HEX edit variables/strings, AMISCE, RU tool, etc…
Flashing mod files are usually detected by bios internal security, can be bypassed by USB BFB method or Intel FPT tool if access to the bios region is allowed in the FD, this also can be unlocked on some motherboards. Last resource an SPI programmer.
You need to read a bit more on the forum… many similiar situtations, dont ask me more info, dont have time to spare with this, your task only or wait for other users opinion. Good luck.