Asus G70S unlock Ami Non-Uefi Bios


i´v tried to unlock Asus G70S Bios with AMIBCP V4.53. The Problem is Amibcp can´t open the Bios File.
I used AFUDOS to convert it from G70S.207 to G70S.ROM. It´s no problem to open it with MMTOOL but AMIBCP can´t open the file.

I think it´s a File Size Problem ?!? Size of G70S.207 and G70S.ROM is 1024KB, maybe i have to cut the Header out to open it with AMIBCP ?

@Starfox - This just means that BIOS cannot be opened with AMIBCP version you are using, it has nothing to do with file extension either.

I checked BIOS 207, this BIOS series you can only use AMIBCP version 3.51 (or maybe some older too, but use 3.51)

Thanks, do you have a download link for Amibcp 3.51 ?

It´s very rare to find it via Google

It’s easy to find in google It’s in very first link (Index of /delem/bios-util - OpenOmsk.ORG)
And at least two other pages on first results page have valid links as well

Yes i have Tomatos on my Eyes