Asus n56vz difficulties

Hi there and thanks to those who can suggest me the right procedure.
I tried to mod the n56vz bios, i was able to modify that with this options

In Advanced change:
(0897) Boot VGA Controller Selection For
from Windows7/Vista to Others

In Chipset/Graphic Configuration change:
(04B6) Primary Display
from SG to PEG
(03BA) Internal Graphics
I tried those options cause i want to run Freebsd with the nvidia card,the intel card is laggying in mozilla browser under freebsd,under Kali linux optimus technology works ok for me.
i flashed the bios but at the boot time i had a black screen,so never put those config on the AMIBCP 4.53.
I was able to restore the Laptop doing a 2GB format usb in FAT32 and putting the bios .217 downloaded from asus site renamed AMIBOOT.ROM.
Seems everything ok but it’s not i’ve got a laggy display now, many times i have to move the display cause it’s getting black.
Have any of you had the same problems if yes how did you resolve it?
Right now i disassembled the laptop and get the bios battery out of the board, now i will reassemble, and se what’s happening
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
All this just for Freebsd ZFS and dtrace phuf

@ hazz:
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Any BIOS modification of a notebook is much more risky than doing the same with a "normal" mainboard BIOS.

Since I am not an expert regarding your problem, I cannot help you myself. Nevertheless I hope, that someone else will give you some support.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you very much.