Asus Rampage IV Extreme 4930K + 4 Slot NVME, Can it work? NVME Bios

Hi all. I am getting ready to add NVME to my Asus Rampage IV Extreme Board…

Can I use a 4 slot NVME card? Will it work as I have read that only 2 slots will work?

There are lots of different posts on how to flash and what bios to use but they are several years old. What would be the current bios and procedure to add NVME support?

Thank you!

Edit: Flashed a Bios from:

Appears to have worked but I don’t have the NVME yet. Bios was reset.
Some tips.
DISABLE Antivirus as it interferes with everything.
Diskpart the USB drive first, clean and use a modern USB drive. Simple volume formatted as Fat32. Will update once I have the NVME.

Yes and only one as boot drive. There’s no Bi-Furcation (or any 4 slots mods possible) on these motherboards (X79) for such multiple M.2 slot adapters.
An alternative is a PCIe Adapter with BIF support… a bit more expensive.
But you have a lot of PCIe slots for multiple adapters.
More info here: [REQUEST] Enable Bifurcation settings +++ on Asus Rampage IV Extreme - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (
Good luck.

EDIT: For dual M.2 slot adapter read the linked post (seems that 3 can be possible?!), thats another story, a bit more easy. For an adapter with BIF support just search on the web

Thank you. So 1 PCIE slot per NVMe? No Dual cards for 1 PCIE Slot?
PCIE With BIF? Do you have a link to a card?

I updated the bios, got the PATA SSD, cloned my OS, but cannot get it to boot. Keep getting a drive not found error. The NVME is fine and windows can see it. I just cannot boot into it.

Fast boot enabled
Boot from PCIE , tried legacy OPROM and UEFI both did not work>
Tried macrium reflect to fix the MBR still did not work even though it can see the NVME windows install.
Board has all ATX and extra PCIE power plugs occupied and powered.

Any idea?

I have:
Flashed the rom with the PATA SS for the NVMe and it shows up in the boot menu.

NVME Drive is found in windows with no issues and cloned to.

Cloned the existing C drive and macrium reflect shows that the new windows clone is available to boot from.

Changed the boot priority to Pata SS.

“Reboot and Select the proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in the selected Boot device and press a key”

Any ideas?

I cannot see the NVME in the bios just PATA SS. … not sure if its supposed to show the device.

All 4 slots PCIE enabled with the switches.
Fastboot ON

You dont need to post everywhere or multiple posts for the same subject.

PATA SS on the bios is only visible when in Legacy/CSM on, on most of the motherboards with NVMe mod.
A cloned system is not always the best option for who is adding NVMe OS to this older motherboards…
The system bios boot manager cant find a boot entry on the new cloned drive…
Guidance on point#4 of Fernando’s guide for a clean OS install and having the best performance on your newly NVMe with PURE UEFI OS boot if possible (UEFI gpu necessary).

I will not assist any help on cloned systems, you should wait for another users on such matters, good luck.

Although the listed device named “PATA SS” is your NVMe SSD, you cannot boot off it, because the required NVMe Option ROM is missing within your mainboard BIOS. As MeatWar already has mentioned, please read the “Step 4” chapter of >this< Guide carefully. Then you will know more about this topic.

Thanks, I separated the posts out as I thought they were different topics. (one is about using a 4 slot, one is about installing on a Asus RIVE …) Installing windows directly on the SSD did work. However I can boot into both the NVME and the SATA using the boot menu option Boot 1 and Boot 2. Also in the guide you should write that you clone at the beginning of the guide and not the end.

To whom did you address that advice and which guide do you mean?

In the section 4, which was very helpful, at the end it states you cannot clone because
"Data Recovery from the previously used system drive: (not recommended)

Since the required boot sector of an NVMe SSD is not compatible with the boot sector of a SATA SSD (although both boot partitions may be named "Windows Boot Manager"), you will not succeed by simply transfering the data of your previously used SATA SSD to the NVMe SSD."

This should be in the beginning as most people will try and clone first.

hello I have this map and I confirm that it benefits from the bifurcation option which is a hidden menu. if you want i can provide bios 4901 with fork+nvmexpress5+rebarsize.

Hi thanks I would appreciate it. Right now i am using 3 individual nvme, 1 per pcie. I would like to use multi nvme, 4 slot in the future if possible.


Explain him why he cant ever use a 4 slot adapter, if you please, by your own experience with this motherboard, (it can but not as he thinks… or without a BIF adapter) thank you.

EDIT: Sorry, English is not native to me. (cannot/can’t/cant)

I thought you could not use a 4 slot adaptor, that is why I bought 3 single slot. It’s ok it is working ok now. What was your experience with a 4 slot? 2 Slot?

I am having boot issues with the system hanging on restart until I press the reset button, should i create a new topic or post here?

Dont address to me, i dont have this motherboard to pass better experience on it, than @francky88

And i do suggest to describe current hardware on the machine…you do realize that your squeezing this system with a not too much often configuration that most users will not require, besides a single NVMe disk to boot.
A RIVE (doing what, boot?), 4 unknow adapters and 4 unknow NVMe disks etc…etc…
System hang with what drive… with how many adapters/NVMe disks etc etc…
Theres no “wizzards” here and were not sitting alongside you at your system now…
The NVMe mod presented in the guide allows, as in modern boards, the boot of an OS.
Further configurations by the users are their task to research it according the system board manual and its capabilities, as it is in modern boards, NOT related to the NVMe mod guide in this forum.
Old boards or modern boards with W8 up OS, will identify and work with extra NVMe drives as standard storage disks, besides the boot disk, no drivers or mods are needed for this kind of disks.

All the best and good luck.

1 x nvme boot
1 x nvme storage
both in single pcie adaptor cards
other hard disks for storage.