Asus Rampage Omega Bios 3105 HPET MOD


Could u please mod the new Asus Omega Bios 3105 to show HPET and SPD Write???

This is the link:…

Thanks in advance!!!


Any help???

@vmanuelgm - Sorry I missed this until now! Flash via USB Flashback only…502143172483705


Thanks a lot for your help!!!

@vmanuelgm - You’re welcome, and anytime as you know it

link not available (

@Comobo - Yes, sorry, Tinyupload has been down all this week
Here is mirror -


@scorpion - You’re welcome!

ok…sorry was not sure who to get ahold of…

I tried to use ths Bios but it is telling me that it is NOT a VALID BIOS

@scorpion - BIOS already tested and confirmed working, you must not be flashing it correctly. Flash mod BIOS via USB Flashback ONLY

Sorry for being a little “late to the game”, but I recently switched from a bare die 7900X to a 10980XE. For $800, I couldn’t pass it up. Anyway, I have been trying all of the bios on Asus’ site and I started off using the latest bios, 3201. With 3201, I could get the chip to 4.7 at 1.2V with max temps of 86C, which I thought was high compared to what others were getting. So, using what I learned with my 7900X, I started trying different bios versions, and 3006 seemed to be the best for my application. I was able to get a stable 4.8OC at 1.23V with a max temp of 80C. Now we’re talking (or so I thought). The other night, I was messing around with bioses again, and just for the heck of it, I flashed 0802 onto bios chip 2. I imported all of my OC settings from my bios 3006 OC and booted it up. Checked the 0802 bios and it’s running MC29. Did a few benchmarks, and I was surprised at what I saw. R15 scores went from 4573 to 4731 and R20 scores went from 10,532 to 11,123. Max temps remained unchanged. So, is it possible to mod bios 3006 with MC29? I think the “normal” MC is 12C. Thoughts @Lost_N_BIOS ?