Asus rog strix Z490-e-gaming bricked after update bios

the code remains permanently at 00 nothing else

I would like to point out that I started the bios update process via Asus AI suite 3, I had copied the bios 2601 on a usb key and the procedure for me went well until the 3rd reboot .
after I tried the flashback with version 0607 for which it flashed well then went out but without success at startup.
there with the bios modifications that you made me the pc restarted but this cpu led which blocks everything so there is improvement.
I don’t know what caused all this.

This me be an issue with other EC/FW/TPM on the board, like the AURA FW (0901)… worst choice you ever made was using AI for bios updating, having 2 better options like BFBack and EZ on this motherboard model and bad move again was going back to such older bios version 0607, witch is been seen as not an reliable option on these modern boards.
Been following this thread and i just want point out the tremendous skill and dedication, time from lfb6 on this subject as his doing what no regular user cant imagine…

I actually have the M.2 or I have my operating system for which I performed the update.
the computer had been purchased in December 2020.
I recently bought a Z590 keeping this operating system.
so the data i have in windows could help you? I am attaching what I currently have.
could you tell me what data you need?

I also want to thank you,
I realize that I have involuntarily made a big mistake for which I am not ready to start again.
the problem these days is that manufacturers leave it up to you to be able to update things that should not be as accessible if the update system you want to start is incompatible or corrupt.
I’m sorry to come to this.
I think everything can be repaired, but the complexity of the problem actually requires an analysis and an understanding that only people like you can understand.

thank you again for your investment.

this subject will surely allow others to help and make more than one think before doing bios updates supposedly compatible…

Thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with this Aura ‘thing’- it seems to have it’s own firmware but it’s very small and as far as I could find out its related to the led light, and that seems to start up. Anyway- shouldn’t keep the PC from booting.
EC firmware dead should mean no reaction on power button- but there’s someone home now, the machine reacts on power button and gets power but fails to continue to booting process.

Look at the Qcodes table (manual) the display doesn’t even start to count, it stays at 00

I assume the cpu led simply stays on until the memory initializatoin begins (2B)

So ME fw isn’t even starting to work. We’re far from loading anything from the bios region- pre uefi env. (pei) is no. 10 on the list… So the bios region isn’t of any interest now.

Then there definitely was an error during an ME update, there’s an empty 4k block (FFed), before is newer code, after this block old code, verified. And the board did at least get power after the 8MB was at least partially fixed.

There might be of course a hardware fault on the board or the cpu that keeps the processor from starting.

In addition we didn’t discuss “properly flashed”. To be a100% sure that the chip was properly flashed please read the 8 MB chip back in a separate process, store the file with a different name and compare the contents- they should be a 100% identical.

Regarding the information from the old copied windows installation- that seems to be old news, it’d be more interesting to look into the hdd / ssd og the Z490 machine.

The lesson to be learned here is certainly: Make a backup of the complete firmware when everything is still running well. Many newer machines do allow dumping the complete firware with fpt(w(64)) -d spi.bin!

I therefore inserted the 8 MB files one by one and took care to recover the 16 MB chip after starting the computer.

In both cases I always have a led cpu blocking as if the bios did not have the data to manage the cpu.
16mb after 8mb_fd.rar (6.1 MB)
16 Mb after 8mb_MEreco.rar (6.1 MB)

ArmouryCrate.Service_2022-09-10.rar (28.0 KB)
I found this, I don’t know if it can help?

where could I find information about the bios in the operating system that was used for flashing?

OK, thanks! There’s an error in the 16MB chip, I’d like to check the 8 MB chip, too. I’ll give you the explanation for the 16 MB chip after having had a look into the 8 MB chip.

Would you please read the 8 MB chip and post the content- thanks in advance!

8mb chip now.rar (1.7 MB)

wouldn’t the 4096 kb from the beginning of the 0607 bios file go into the 8mb chip?

OK, 8 MB chip was properly flashed, thank you.

16 MB chip was in a way technically properly flashed, too. But the content isn’t identical with the dump we were working with.
You must have flashed the 16 MB chip in the meantime with the stock bios without removing the capsule (the first 0x1000 of the cap- file). I assume you did get a ‘size mismatch’ error message, but did flash anyway. So the 16 MB chip has a stock bios 0607 with 4k capsule in the beginning and 4 k missing code in the end. Since boot loader is located at the very end of the firmware this is definitely enough for bricking.

Please leave the 8 MB chip as it is and flash the 16 MB chip with the attached file (identical to the one from #15) (6.3 MB)

(To answer your last post: No these 4 KB are simply cut off!)

:grinning: it’s good thank you very much

I had actually just reinjected the data from the 8mb chip not the 16mb one, is that the problem?
I should have quenched the data from 16mb output me?

it starts well I see the screen but I have an A0 code on the motherboard and the screen turns in a loop by putting preparation of the peripherals …

I have access to the bios

The 16 MB chip should have the data we used here all the time (stock bios or stock bios with board specific data). The system definitely won’t boot with the 16 MB chip flashed with a bios region starting with 4k capsule and cut 4 k in the end.

There might be several restarts necessary while repopulating the NVRam. Please load standard defaults in bios, reboot, and change the settings that are required for booting the OS (legacy boot/secure boot and so on).

EDIT: Good to hear that it boots up- congratulations!

following the rather long search for peripherals, windows launches very well, that said, I have an A0 code on the card, is it normal?
I have set the default values ​​in the bios.

Some tasks I’d ask you to perform:

  • Check on this hdd/ssd for a folder windows\firmware (or maybe the word for firmware in your language)
    If it exists there might exist some GUIDs, please post them.

  • Run the ME update Version from the Asus support pages. If the update doesn’t run smooth,stop here

  • Update the bios to latest version. I’d recommend at least 2 to 3 steps and not using Windows tools, I’d prefer probably the bios flash utility.

  • If everything works out so far download the CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ from
    Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (2-15)
    (You probably still have them since you used the Flash Image Tool)
    Check if no ME / HECI related devices have errors in device manager
    If so install an appropriate driver (link on the linked page, too)

  • Run …\Intel CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ r20\MEInfo\WIN64\MEInfoWin64.exe -verbose
    Post the result

  • Run …\Intel CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ r20\MEManuf\WIN64\MEManufWin64.exe
    Post the result

  • Run …\Intel CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ r20\Flash Programming Tool\WIN64\FPTW64.exe -d spi.bin
    That will hopefully give you a complete backup of the current firmware (24MB) without programmer.
    Please post it.

ME update, bios updates

the only firmware that I find in windows concerns amd64… which must correspond to the graphics card I suppose?