Asus X99-AII Unlock MSR 0xE2 And Native NVRAM


I have a hackintosh system builded up on ASUS X99-AII Mainboard.
Latest OS update, Big Sur, needs both MSR 0xE2 Unlock and native NVRAM.
I have done with MSR 0xE2 Unlock but my knowledge is not enough to get native NVRAM to work.

I’m new to bios modification, but I have a lot of coldness :slight_smile:
I would be grateful for any help to make these things work.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, after the while i managed to patch BIOS. Native NVRAM working fine as well as MSR 0xE2 Unlock. Big Sur installed without problems.

UEFIPatch entry to unlock NVRAM on v2101 BIOS:
54B070F3-9EB8-47CC-ADAF-39029C853CBB 10 P:0F84B300000041F6:90E9B300000041F6

UEFIPatch and already patched BIOS (X99-A-II-ASUS-2101.CAP.patched)

Good luck!

@stream88 you are great, and will try it on my X99-A II. So the Big Sur installation is quite straight forward?

@fitman33 , yes, after the BIOS patch, the system was installed without any problems. I did a clean install. But it seems to me that the update from Catalina should also go through without problems. Do not forget to disable the NVRAM emulation and enable native mode in your config.plist
LegacyEnable = NO, LegacyOverwrite = NO, WriteFlash = YES

Is it possible to share the EFI files to me?

I just found these files since I am facing the same problem, but each time I try to flash X99-A-II-ASUS-2101.CAP.patched Asus bios says that the file is an invalid bios file. The file just doesnt work trying to flash it using both Flashback bios and EZ Flash.

Sorry… that cannot be true since ASUS Bios flash back function is done on standby power and doesnt display anything.
Now the Asus EZ Flash under UEFI bios will indeed display the warning because its a mod file.
In all Asus motherboard with Bios flash back function ITS THE PRIMARY method to flash a mod bios.

Yeah, you are right. The thing was that the flashback led was stuck (not blinking) even for 10 minutes, so I assumed it might have troubles reading the bios file as well. I found on tonymac about renaming the bios file to X99A2.CAP, and that did it, the bios file worked under Flashback procedure. I have to mention that I manually patched the bios file using the provided patches in patches.txt but I am confident the rename would work with the provided patched bios as well.

Whenever Asus Bios Flash back is used, it requires an internal name file (Specific OEM Asus) for each motherbaord name…usually mod users
take the assumption that the file is gonna be used by advanced users and of course we presume that the user already know Asus procedures…