So, sinceever I bought this board (B450 AORUS PRO (non-wifi variant), the resolution was really low in the UEFI settings, and the boot logo is also really blurry (so are the windows spinning dots.) Legacy boot makes the boot logo actually sharp. I dont really understand what’s going on. I wonder if my BIOS has a resolution menu I could unlock to make it actually look good? Maybe a WHQL mode or something.

Just to specify, I have an RTX 2060. Could it be an nvidia issue perhaps?

Here’s the link to the bios page. gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450-AORUS-PRO-rev-10/support#support-dl-bios

version 60c is latest as of now. What could be done? is unlocking the resolution tab possible? Or maybe making it higher res by default? (usually, aorus boards have a resolution menu when you press F6. mine doesnt work, possibly disabled since it’s a “budget” board. dunno.)

Thank you for your time.

@SASKURATION - They removed this option from BIOS, so I can’t even make visible for you. But yes, all the following things affect BIOS and Boot logo/windows boot-up logo resolutions
Secure Boot enabled or not = Legacy vBIOS from graphics card used, or GOP (UEFI Mode)
Win8-10 or other OS Type choice, related to above as well.
How you connect from card to monitor, DVI, HDMI, DP, etc all may show different resolutions.
vBIOS and GOP on the cards BIOS chip itself, which you can’t edit for Nvidia due to they suck and lock the BIOS with signature now.

@Lost_N_BIOS Thank you for your reply. So I suppose I’m out of luck then? I’m connected through Display Port, I haven’t tested with HDMI to see if the issue persists.
I have secure boot disabled, I’ll enable and test.

I just find it REALLY odd, that on a modern 2020 system with a b450 chipset and an RTX card, on a 1080p monitor, getting sub 480p output in BIOS/boot. also linux verbose boot looks very blurry and almost unreadable because of it.

@SASKURATION - 480p?? Something is not right then! When I replied, I assumed maybe you were using 2560 or above, and was not happy it was 1280 or 1920 or something,
I’ve never seen it go way below those, so maybe there is some issue with your card, the connector itself, or cable etc.
Show me image of BIOS, so I can see rez, do it like this >> You can use F12 screenshot to USB, and the image will be saved in the actual resolution being used at the time.

Yes, please test all connections out of your card

When you test Secure Boot Enable/Disable, be sure to also test CSM enabled/disabled when you try Secure Boot Enabled
And, this setting affects as well (Mentioned above, but didn’t use exact name) >> Windows 8/10 Features (Use the Win8-10 non WHQL for Win10, and other OS for Linux)
Below this ^^ and CSM, you will see >> Other PCI devices, test this both at UEFI/Legacy too, while you have CSM enabled/Disabled.

See my comments on this page, at bottom of post #1 @ “Bug #5
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I wrote that out before, and then edited during, while dealing with and figuring all this out myself too.
I gave up messing with it, different cards all acted differently too, even if using same updated GOP