BCLK Overclock on a laptop.

My base clock is 99.72 so not 100. I wanna change that but bios is locked. Model Lenovo L340 IRH.

Can anyone tell where should i start? I need some road map like read this, this and that thread and don’t do this.

additional info: I’m studying electric and electronic eng and have lots of fancy stuff like raspberry pi to Oscilloscope. So no worry about background.

@PolarBearVuzi - This is due to ME FW, different versions will vary that slightly, sometimes CPU microcode can do this too but it’s usually ME FW

As a general thing, OEM systems Like Dell, Lenovo, HP etc will not have a bclk option in the BIOS, even hidden from user. But, for this particular thing, even if you had a brand name desktop board like Asus and could see the bclk setting, getting it to be exact 100.00 is a chore and not worth messing with.

Since you have a pi, dump the BIOS and I can make you a few with different ME versions and you can see which one suits you best.

If you say so, ok i’ll not try. Tx for the reply.

@PolarBearVuzi - It can be done, at least closer maybe, but it’s a pain and hassle especially since you are on laptop and there is no Bclk option in BIOS (I assume, since HP/OEM, link me to BIOS and I can confirm).
We could make it easier, if this is Intel CPU system, you could dump BIOS with programmer/Pi and then unlock the FD and disable BIOS/SMI/SMM lock, then subsequent flashes could be made easily from windows via FPT for all your multiple ME FW reflash/tests.

i decided that it’s not gona worth for %00.1 performance and also cpu is working 3985Mhz at 95 degree. it can’t go noticeably faster even though we manage that. But i’ll bookmark this forum for my future projects. You guys have some cool stuff.