:us: Hello, I bought a PCI E to NVME M.2 adapter for my ECS H61H2-MV-DVI (V1.0) BIOS board but I need to modify the BIOS to be able to boot Windows, on the official page of the board there is only the BIOS in executable *exe, I don’t know if someone could help me modify it, thanks.

:es: Hola, compre un adaptador de PCI E a NVME M.2 para mi board BIOS ECS H61H2-MV-DVI (V1.0) pero necesito modificar la BIOS para poder arrancar Windows, en la pagina oficial de la board solo esta la BIOS en ejecutable *exe, no se si alguien me podria ayudar a modificarla, Gracias.

Lets do a little effort humm?
Theres a search box on the forum and theres a unique guide for NVMe mod…
Search results for ‘ECS H61H2’ - Win-Raid Forum (

[HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (

Bro, I get this error

With that “BRO”… you killed it all.
NASCAR time for me… cheers, good luck.

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Jajajaa sorry, I need help please, I bought 1 solid NVME 1 terabyte and I couldn’t get it to boot :pensive:

I was able to modify the bios with the UEFI TOOL, you can trust me if it looks good please. Thank you

if you use MMTool and insert the nvme dxe at CSM Core, it should work correctly

I used the UEFI TOOL

when loading the bios it gives me this error