Bios G75VW Unlock hotplug (or chipset tab)


I’m trying to setup Asus G75VW + HD7970 but windows 10 at freeze at startup.

I have trying to boot with 9600gt hibernate windows switching with the AMD the system detect my HD7970 installing driver but after reboot freeze at startup…


Asus G75VW T2018V + bios Mod 223 ( Unlock and overclock ) XFX HD7970 for egpu, beast 8.5c mPcie, PSU Corsair CX500, windows 10 home 64

I have trying to modify bios to activate Hotplug. But Chipset tab is always hide (Change boolean 01 01 00 01 01 01 in setup Mod)

Someone can help me to unhide PCIE hotplug in ami bios (or Chipset tab ).