Bios mods nvme for asus G502VM (GL502VM V2.0)

hello , hello, could you make me a modified bios for asus G502VM (GL502VM V2.0)

I tried to modify by integrating one of the 2 drivers, I flashed the bios with afudos, it worked well but my my nvme ssd is not detected it is a samsung SM851, so it seems that this laptop does not work with an nvme ssd.

Just check the manual:

Checked lastest bios 304 and it has already NVMe support, so your issue could be other, no mod is required, could be Asus blocked feature.
G502VM - Support (
0409_E11526_GL502VT_VY_V2_A.pdf (
PM851 not SM it seems…and didnt found any Samsung M.2 NVMe 851 only M.2 SATA
image image

EDIT: Provided info/links still valid, some info/bios are shared across several models, yours in particularly (G502VM-FY083T)
And now seems you already broke the machine… help laptop asus G502VM (GL502VM V2.0) no backlight keyboard or firmware ME failed (

my ssd is samsung MZ-HPV2560 (SM951)


M.2 2280 M key

my asus are G502VM with mainboard V2.0 not 2.1
my ssd are not detected

G502VM is not G502VT

SN number G502VM : SN NUMBER : G9N0CV07356136E

do you have another idea?

On what? The broken bios now… yes clean the ME FW

EDIT: You’re asking for a cleaned ME file, no sir, i do not have it and do not have time to do it, if you have the “balls” for mod, spi programming… and breaking machines, then the task its “a walk in the park” for you.
The guide is there for users to get the job done.

ok , that does not seem easy to do , would have a full bios with the ME part so i can flash it with afudos . thank you

Me clean file please ?

HELLO, THE SAMSUNG SM951 SSD is not really an nvme that’s why it is not detected in boot mode by the GL502VM it can work as a storage disk only on this gl502VM

If you say so… whom am i to deny that.
Indeed theres 2 SKUs but by your photo (OR fake one), its an NVMe not AHCI
PCIe AHCI variant (P/N: MZ-HPV) the PCIe NVMe variant (P/N: MZ-VPV)

SM951 Product Overview | Samsung Semiconductor Global

This is a review of the PCIe AHCI Samsung SM951 PCIe M.2 SSD Review -

This is a review of the PCIe NVMe Samsung SM951 M.2 NVME SSD Review (256GB) | The SSD Review

EDIT: PCIe is the interface for both, AHCI/NVMe is the protocol.

ON SEVERAL FORUMS HAVE BEEN demonstrated several problems of detection of this reference of ssd even in an nvme usb box that I have it is not detected in the box and makes it heat. it’s a pcie ssd not nvme