Calling All/Any Asus GL502VT Owners - BIOS Dump Request


After a wrong BIOS update on my laptop that caused it not to boot anymore, I used a wrong method to rollback the upgrade and erased all my nvram infos.
I have lost manufacturer settings, and among other things my keyboard backlight does not work anymore.

In order to make it work again I need a dump of the same computer - GL502VT - containing the nvram data.

Can anyone here provide such a thing ? I would be grateful forever :smiley:

There are 2 methods I know of to generate the needed files:

1. On a DOS usb key, with AFUDOS installed, use

AFUDOS export.bin /O

2. In windows, export only nvram with amisce in an administrator command prompt:
scewin /o /c /l list.txt /n nvram.txt /h hii.db

I have the necessary tools if needed.

Thanks in advance

Bump for you, and corrections. SCEWin is only going to dump txt files.

And, FPTw.exe BIOS region dump (FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin) should also be requested if user will give, in case AFU does not dump the entire NVRAM

I’ll bump for you every other day or so as long as I can remember, hopefully someone with same laptop will spot the thread and help us out!


Anyone has a GL502VT around here ?
Help would be greatly appreciated !

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