can my hp probook be extended with raid support ?

hi can my probook 470 g3 bios modded to have raid support ?
I ave a m.2 drive and a ssd sata drive and would be verry nice o have them in raid mode
I have attached the original hp file.



N78_0119.rar (3.37 MB)

@jeroenvtec :
Why don’t you create a Software RAID? This can be done from within Win10 without the need to modify the BIOS.
According to my knowledge it is not possible to create an Intel RAID array with a system, which natively doesn’t support this feature.

Hi Dieter

good point I will have a look for it. But maybe this board has raid on it but is was hidden in the bios that is why I asked it here. I will not try to add modules or so but just enable them IF they are in.


@jeroenvtec :
These are the minimum requirements for the creation of an Intel RAID array:
1. The mainboard must contain an Intel SATA Controller with fully RAID support.
2. The BIOS must contain the option to set the Intel SATA Controller to “RAID”.
3. The BIOS file must contain an Intel RAID module.