ch341a mini usb

I have a problem with my ch341a programmer.It is not detecting the chip

Did you install the driver for the programmer itself?
If yes, does the programmer show up in the device manager?
If yes, did you double check whether your BIOS chip is supported by the programmer?
If yes, did you place the chip in the right direction into the socket of the programmer? Some programmers do have a little pictogram type of thingie on the PCB right next to the socket.
Depending on version and type of the programmer you also need to spend attention the socket of the programmer. The socket can be devided in two sections, one is for 25xx type chips, the other one is for 24xx chips.

Hope that helps to get you started.

@Phalwari - What is your BIOS Chip ID? Some boards need main batter (if laptop) and PSU cables connected, others need them removed, so you will have to find out which your system needs by testing both ways
The clips has to be PERFECT!! Sometimes it takes 10+ tries to get it just right, try to have systems close so cable never is pulled/stretched and remains in exact position always. I expand clip, set both sides down onto PCB, then move one side so it’s in place, then slowly release the other side so it’s perfect, then check in software.

See this guide, look at all images, make sure you’d doing everything right as mentioned above. Also, make sure jumper is in correct place on the programmer (you’ll see it in the images)
[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer

Once you tell me you BIOS chip ID, I can tell you which software is maybe best to read/write with, but this has nothing to do with being able to connect/detect device or chip connected etc
Here is software package with many software/versions -…213094641136166

DO NOT use AUTO function, or erase/write until someone has checked your dumped file and said it looks OK/Good dump etc.
Please also edit your first post and put system model and a link to the stock BIOS download page, so someone can help once you get a proper dump made.