CH341A programmer issues

Hi all forum friends.

Having an issue with CH341A programmer.
Every time I read the bios chip it returns different results.

I’ve also tried to download latest rom file and write back to the chip however although write reports successful the BIOS does not change and doesn’t reflash.

The reason why I am reflashing bios using programmer is because my current bios for some reason is reporting an Unknown ME region and laptop is restarting every 30 minutes.
Also, my current bios does not save any settings apart from date and time.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

@WinDrop :
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Our expert regarding the Intel Management Engine BIOS problems is plutomaniac.
It may be a good idea to post your help request with the title “Problem: Unknown ME region” (or similar) into >this< Sub-Forum.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)