Coffee Lake CPU ES bios mod for Z170

I am wondering if anyone has modded a Z170 motherboard’s bios to support a QQBY ES CPUs I assume there could be some different micro code needed for ES? how would you do it? would you need to get certain information from another bios? if so what exactly what should one look for ?
I am curious since I found a deal on a cpu but I am not sure if it would work but since it is exactly the same cpu as a 9900k only that has lower clock speed

Thanks in advance

@PontiacGTX - Use Coffeetime and choose Option #1, this covers i9 9xxx / ES QQCx and QQBx
Thanks to @chinobino for his list here

@Lost_N_BIOS are you sure would it work with a z170 oc formula without losing some functionality? Does these bios mod still have problems to support 16 threads?

I think it would be OK, but probably best if one of these guys answer you to be sure @chinobino @_haru @svarmod

Yes the ASRock Z170 OC Formula (and the MOCF Micro-ATX) work fine, there is a thread here for the MOCF and Nick Shih posted a working Coffee Lake BIOS (7.51A) for the regular OCF ATX board here in that thread.

That BIOS has support for;
506E3 = Skylake
906E9 = Kaby Lake
906EA = Coffee Lake Hexacore & Quadcore
906EB = Coffee Lake Quadcore
906EC = Coffee Lake Octacore & Hexacore

Dsanke updated that BIOS for 8-core here, it has these microcodes;
506E1 = Skylake ES
506E2 = Skylake ES
506E3 = Skylake
506E8 = Kaby Lake ES
906E9 = Kaby Lake
906EA = Coffee Lake Hexacore & Quadcore
906EB = Coffee Lake Quadcore
906EC = Coffee Lake Octacore & Hexacore

The last BIOS for OCF from Dsanke;
Author: @dsanke
Motherboard: ASRock Z170 OC Formula
Based on: 7.40B, a version with Secure Erase support.
Microcodes: 906E9, 906EA, 906EB, 906EC, 906ED.
Note: Do not have the microcodes for Skylake, just use for KBL and CFL. Flash via SPI Programmer, I am not sure whether Instant Flash can write Flash Descriptor and ME FW properly.


@PontiacGTX ^^ Thanks a lot @chinobino that’s an in-depth and full detailed reply, all his concerns should now be gone

The OCF have some restriction in microcode placing , so I made this new one , only have KBL+CFL 5 microcodes.…q6kr-qsFApHtbNq
@chinobino @PontiacGTX

@dsanke Thanks for the update I supose the difference between the one @chinobino linked and yours it has, fewer supported CPUs? both have same version almost the same name, what kind of microcode restrictions are there? you cant add as many CPU in the bios because it causes a bug or something?

From what I read if the 9900k is supported in the edited bios so will be the ES equivalent(QQBY)?

1.The old BIOS won’t read these microcodes. So I placed 10 microcodes , but none of them are useful.
2.The new BIOS will support QQBY.

The 7.40B (by Dsanke) that I linked has the same hashes as the 7.40B that Dsanke linked so you can use either, there is only different folder/archive name.