Converting from legacy to UEFI, is such possible


I run an Asrock 980DE3/U3S3 on my daughters PC.
Is there any way to swap from legacy to UEFI?

May be a stupid question so please don’t kill me :slight_smile:

Convert what, BIOS itself or operating system install?

If you are talking about windows install, this may help, I assume that’s what you mean but I didn’t download your BIOS to see if it’s older legacy style or UEFI type.…-data-loss.html…ane-memory.html…uefi-windows-10


Thanks for the links but in this case I’d like to replace the BIOS itself with an UEFI Version as it is legacy only.
So this is not a Windows issue.

BTW the complete designation of the board is 980DE3/U3S3, just in case this is of any relevance.
The latest BIOS provided by Asrock is V2.00, which actually is installed. It is legacy only.

Not windows install, surprised BIOS change like that is impossible for end users, it’s only done by manufacturer in certain cases which are few, like Gigabyte Z68 went from Legacy to UEFI, way back then.

@AugeK - I checked your BIOS, it was made with AMI 3.xx tools, which were used for BIOS long before mainstream UEFI BIOS was around (those use AMI 4 and 5 tools)
If you need UEFI, it’s time to get a new board. You can find EUFI based board and still keep your old CPU and memory. If you need help verifying if BIOS is UEFI I can check for you before you purchase