Corrupted Bios Toshiba Satellite Pro A50-C (PS56AN-0KD01H)

The first main issue for this one is that the SSD is read but can’t load Windows OS i tried to reinstall the OS but nothing happened then i wanna try to reflash the bios but i maybe manage to bricked the backup since if i reflash it again back i got no cpu activity and no image. can somebody help me find or rebuild the old bios file?? i looked everywhere i can find one
BACKUP.rar (3.4 MB) here is the backuped bios
bios_v660.rar (5.2 MB) bios update that i found on the internet

maybe ME region is messed up??

i run me analyzer it reports back Error: Invalid ME 10.0 RSA Signature!

Maybe ME should get cleaning, but bios region is corrupt, too. How did you do this backup? If done with a programmer, did you get two 100% identical reads?

See error messages and structure of first EFI volume in bios region

BACKUP UPDATES 6.6.rar (3.4 MB)
this is my attempt to update bios using the bios from toshiba’s websites

can you rebuild it or clean ME?? this??

And please describe the steps to rebuild this bios

i use CH341 Programmer i trusted the first bios read . i’m newbie. i really don’t have idea how to rebuild bios.

i just copy
bios_v660.rar (5.2 MB) content to
BACKUP.rar (3.4 MB)

the output file is
BACKUP UPDATES 6.6.rar (3.4 MB)

can you help??

I’d think this NVRAM you put in there won’t work, you’d need some defaults at least.

I don’t think that the ME would keep the system from booting, but it’d be necessary to clean it anyway. Follow this guide to the letter:

how can i make it work?? not familiar with NVRAM. no idea on how to do it. regarding the ME region i think i can’t do it right without messing up the Bios CHIP if i try it multiple times it would destroy the chip. can you do it?? PLS???