Dell 5566 i5 7200 LA-B871P

Please, could someone help me regarding my Dell 5566 Bios, it does not install 64Bits windows, with software that my HD is in Pio mode, and that it is only possible to install Win32 Bits. The correct installation procedures were performed, installation media created by Intel. The note starts the installation and after choosing and starting the installation 64 Bit system it restarts. I’ve already done Clean ME

@Stinotebooks What du you mean by ‘Clean ME’? Which procedure did you follow?

Sorry for my translated English.
MEInject - ME Analyzer.

The customer reported that after the Dell update, the notebook turned off on its own and beeped, no longer entered Windows 10 / 64bit and was unable to reinstall / repair.
There are no memory and or HD problems, PSA Test Dell does not report problems.
The only thing observed in the Hardware was the absence of voltage + VCC_GT, I believe it is a very low signal, because with the PL605 off the note does not start.
I don’t understand why my HD is in Pio mode (32 Bit)



There’s some information missing or presentend in small pieces like:

You mention a Dell update after which your PC stopped and the problem rose? What update?

“The customer report…” sounds like a report from a repair shop? What did happen? What did they check?

Pictures show a unconfigured ME? Is this region or bios or …? At which time/ in which state?

ME/TXE injector- not familiar with this program. (A proper procedure for cleaning a corrupted ME is described in [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization (link)

You mention a possible hardware error, too. What checks were done, who did?

I’m sorry, I’m not able to help you here, but possibly someone else might step in! Good luck!