Dell inspiron N4030

Hi All, I have recently tried to update my bios update from A05 to A07 and my laptop doesn’t work after this and it has single beep sounds
Someone recently replied to me about this problem and he said

“” I am having a bit of trouble extrating the ROM from the file
This is am AMI BIOS (American Megatrands), definately fixable, open up a topic on www DOT win-raid DOT com and share what I have said here and the links I have posted
The A07 BIOS appears to be corrupt
The A2 should work, the only problem is you need the ROM file
Once you have the ROM file you are able to place it on a USB stick and reflash it, the people at win-raid are a little more familiar with this, just make sure to be polite and someone would be more then happy to help you, it is a community driven platform
Apologies for making the link difficult to read, in Australia we are restricted from sharing links to anything that may contain news of any kind"

can someone give me a method to extract the rom file? and how to flash the bios? thanks

There’s a thread about extracting Dell bios update files.
How to extract contents of this Dell BIOS package?

These updates contain several firmware regions and possibly firmware for EC firmware and other controllers, too.

If you have a Dell recovery procedure you could try a stock bios would be OK. If you want to use a programmer you’d lose youre machine soecific information like serial, MAC address, Windows code, …

If you have a hardware programmer: Make a 100% valid backup of the firmware before writnig anything into the SPI!