Dell optiplex 3000 mt gen13 B06F2 microcode update

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank you in advance !
Please if somebody can help me to integrate/replace in my bios the microcode for the new gen13 (13600k) processor Microcode │ B06F2 Raptor Lake-S .
At this moment I`m stucked at this point

The bios region from the bios

  1. Bios region bios region

UEFI tool or MMtool, last resource Hex edit.

After that UBU also can update latest versions of all.
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EDIT:… you still missed one tool. And of course MMtool 4.x is definitely not for a Gen13 bios…
Oh and if the bios is InsydeH2O…forget all that i mentioned and im out of it.

EDIT: Dell Proprietary bios… dump of Bios SOIC16 and ME SOIC8.
“These microcodes are in your BIOS file
GUID 197DB236-F856-4924-90F8-CDF12FB875F3”

EDIT: UBU not suitable here, bios gen too new, UEFI tool or Hex.

Thank you for your quick reply.

UBU v1_79_17 version does not work/open my bios. Also, MMTOOL_4.50.0.23 and MMTOOL_5.02.0025 do not work. And regarding the Hex last resource, for me it is to hard. :frowning:

Thank you again, for your quick reply…

I tested also UBU 1.70rc 16.1, and this is what I discovered. It can read the bios

PS: what should I try/do next?


At your OWN RISK only, UEFItool_NA for extraction of body CPU MC and UEFItoo_0.28 for replacing.

Nothing more to add, good luck.

Ok. I see there are 2 section with the GUID 197DB236-F856-4924-90F8-CDF12FB875F3. Should I replace all of them? or just one that you pointed?

Hey buddy… im sorry but from this point forward its up to you, remove and replace what you want, you got a programmer so take your chances or not, i dont know how the system will respond to this and i dont have any certain to point you, understood?
Being straight honest on this… even more when its a very new Dell bios and a lot of security switches.
Again all the best and good luck.
Wait for other users pov.

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Ok, thanks. If someone could help me more on this… :hugs: