Dell Optiplex 380 Xeon mod, need help.

If anyone is willing to help, I need help with a Dell Optiplex 380 with a Xeon E5440 (with a adapter, of course.) and I’m having trouble with it, it won’t boot to Windows 10 (Windows 7 seems to work fine, however.) And every time it reboots it will rev up the fan to full speed and stay that way until I turn it off. I have found out that a modded BIOS is needed, however I can’t find one online (most of what I could find where broken or dead links.) And attempting to make mod one myself proved to be fruitless. Thanks in advance!

@MonxiRema77 - Disable virtualization and VT-d for the Win10 issue. Here is pre-modified A05 and A07 for 771 Xeon 1067A only I believe, this probably solve the fan issues.…457324144589255

Dell BIOS to update microcodes, modify the HDR or rom, microcodes are there without header (Missing first 30h), search via hex for 00 00 00 00 a1 00 00 00 01 00 you will find them x10 in this instance