Dell Vostro 3471 i3 9gen currently on win 11 ,Having error in fpt64

Using Dell Vostro 3471 i3 9gen currently on win 11 ,Having error in fpt64. Exe cannot run on the current platform. Wanted to mod my bios so that I can use nvme on my desktop with pcie 16 nvme adapter… any help please… regards

Thank you.

Who told you that your system uses CSME v8 ???

Use the correct tool for your system.

Read, learn…then put the doubts.

ME Analyzer: Intel Engine Firmware Analysis Tool Discussion - Special Topics / Intel Management Engine - Win-Raid Forum (
Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools (2-15) - Special Topics / Intel Management Engine - Win-Raid Forum (
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EDIT: No i cannot, the links/guides are for reading and learning, then after reading and learning you’ll know how its done and how can you have a death machine… if you dont take precautions.
This a a user task on his side, so start working.
Theres no humble, crying or young age, here… its your task to learn because now one can do it for you.
Good luck, Over_n_OUT.

I am sir I am new to this can u please elaborate what I have to do…it’s a humble request I am just 16 yrs old…:smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks for giving advice but just can u please tell me that if I can mod my bios for nvme or not that’s it.

All Gen9 should have already NVMe support.

Now upon seeing the specs, it reports the following:
One M.2 2230/2280 solid-state drive
SATA AHCI, up to 6 Gbps
Upto 512 GB

So this means that the bios can have already the NVMe DXE driver, but due to DELL implementation the slot could only support M.2 SATA/AHCI and NOT NVMe protocol.

‎Vostro 3471 not recognizing an M.2 SSD | DELL Technologies

If so the only option is using the PCIe slot x16 (the x1 has the same performance of a SATA), buying a PCIe M.2 adapter and put the NVMe on it.

For this it shouldn’t be need to do any mods, if the NVMe DXE driver is present in the bios, as mentioned before and it is:

AMI NVMe GUID 634E8DB5-C432-43BE-A653-9CA2922CC458

If you’re using a GPU on that x16 slot…then forget this…

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Yeah I understood that but , as I have mentioned I am going to use pcie 16 converter for nvme … will it work after moding bios ??

What’s this DXE DRIVER ??

Well I want to use the nvme for my primary boot device nd I have seen on YouTube nd other platforms that the bios doesn’t show up with nvme even connected with pcie 16

I have seen this video
I know it’s for optiplex…
But that nvme file is universal right ? I can use it in my Vostro too ??
Please tell me…! I will be really thankful to you.!

This is the NVME DXE driver already present in the latest bios, no mod is need.

EDIT: Install the new OS, follow the guide here on step 4
Step 4 - Installation of Win10/11 onto the NVMe SSD
[HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (

When installing, disconnect all other disks from the machine, only the adapter with the NVMe.

Ohk. Thanks but I have installed nvme it’s showing up but as normal drive like usb but not as a bootable device.

Thankyou soo much for this forum
I will try it nd let you know