Digital Signature for modded NVMe driver?

Just modded an intel NVMe driver for optane and 600p series under windows 7. Although it functions correctly in system, when booting from a windows installation disk and trying to import the driver, it won’t let me do it, saying that it needs a signature.

So are there a way to sign a modded driver? Thx.

@111alan :
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Yes, it is possible to give a modded drivers a digital signature. More difficult is, whether the Windows OS will accept your signature as “trustworthy”.
All the drivers, which had been modded by me (to make them compatible with natively not supported hardware devices), have been digitally signed by me, but the preparation is not easy.
By the way: Within the start post of >this< thread you can find 32/64bit Intel NVMe drivers v11.8.0.1011, which have been mod+signed by me. They will support Intel NVMe SSDs from the 600p series and probably yours as well.

Dieter (alias Fernando)


Thx for the reply. I see the modded driver, but it only added support 600p series.!3w9AxRwZ!DNTuRzA-A8cTi…CtRjzPg0lm3qOF4

here is the inf i modified, with the support of 2 new"optane memory" drives with ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2522 and PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A2BA and 600p series PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_F1A5. I named the optane drives “Intel(R) Optane Memory 8000p Series” according to the news when intel first announced them. Now the driver works fine to all the drives I added.

It would be nice if you add support to these optane units :stuck_out_tongue: