[Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions

Drop updated microcode into appropriate folder (\Files\intel\mCode\socket) and correct entry in \Files\intel\mCode\MCUpdate.txt

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My DEAR freinds, Dieter, Pluto!!! About Sonix. In PM dont ask me. I have **UBU_1_79_17** with newest microdes.Can I public its without **Sonix**? Withou him.........t Both from Russian Dieter, I sad to you, dogs master. You- where? I`m remember. Low Bow

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Thank you very much for your idea and willingness to build an updated variant of the meanwhile partly outdated UBU tool v1.79.17 dated 07/03/2021. Many UBU users are waiting for such update.
Since SoniX is the maker of the tool, he should give his agreement for such action. Please send him a PM and ask for it.
If he should agree, it is very important, that the updated UBU tool v1.79.17 contains the latest available help tools and the most recent BIOS modules from all manufacturers, which are listed within the “Files” folder.
Good luck!

I repeat for You, Sonix dont ask me in PM about 1...1.5 month. I dont know, what I will doing next time. Thank for you, you my friend.

Something similar is done at AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY) - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com). You can attach unofficial “fixed” archives as replies here, but you must make sure to keep the current/“official” version and add your own suffix at the end. For example: “UBU_1_79_17_ Michael_Code_Fix_1”. Note though that these won’t be listed at the “official” OP. Those who are interested in unofficial UBU fixes, can find them in this thread’s replies.

It was not easy for me to understand your last 2 posts. You wrote “SoniX dont ask me”, but it seems, that you meant, that SoniX hasn’t answered respectively replied to your PMs for a very long time.
If that should be the case, we have a problem. Without SoniX’s explicit allowance nobody should offer any updated or customized UBU tool for the public.
The only thing you or anyone else can do is to upload and attach a package, which contains all the new BIOS modules, which are missing within the “Files” folder of the UBU tool v1.79.17. Once this has been done, I will edit the start post of >this< thread and add a link to the post, where the new BIOS modules are attached.
This way the interested UBU users themselves will be able to update the UBU tool v1.79.17 by adding the missing BIOS module files to the related UBU “Files” sub-folder.
What do you think about this option?

Unfortunately I didn’t read your reply before I published this post.

It is up to you whose advice you will follow.

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No problem. Since we wouldn’t want to update the OP whenever someone decides to update something, we can mention there that some newer modules are found in the latest replies of this thread, if someone is interested to overwrite/add files of the last official package by SoniX.

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You wrote “SoniX dont ask me”, but it seems, that you meant, that SoniX hasn’t answered respectively replied to your PMs for a very long time.
@Dieter, you right. Im wrout withot any tranlanators, from Russian to English, My mistake. SoniX dont answered
wroute for our friend DeathBringer
@Diter, I 58 old, you - 78???

These are off-topic. You can send PMs if you like instead.

sorry, pluto
I have any updates from ASROCK
IntelGopDriver_efi_Tiger-Alder_17.0.1075-VBT250.zip (79.8 KB)

basically no need any update ?
copy only new plugins" roms / MC" or full package MC extractor “zip if need”

.,…and still works well :smiley: ,. , … one more thanks for this tool and forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Does anybody have a link to a full updatepack with updated files for UBU?

There is none… at the moment.
A lot of standalone updates for manual insertion but you’ll have to look through the posts and specific hw ids threads.


I try to update the microcode with UBU, I have this

But the microcode is not updated

If someone have idea


The update was interrupted due to missing mcode 50654 path, put the new mcodes in the 2066 folder and insert it also in the mcupdate.txt

CPUMicrocodes/Intel at master · platomav/CPUMicrocodes (github.com)

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It’s good, thanks so much :wink:

you must download last MC extractor package “source_python app” copy this in UBU ,overwrite files

  • manual find all MC “this files copy in Files\intel\mCode\USR_mCode\HERE
    and you must use GenUSRmC.bat in mCode folder – this generate your customized update

after this in UBU + last MC extractor >>update from USR mCode
this way you will use and verify the latest MC for your bios :smiley:

USRmC – for sure use all “identical mC” original - source UBU files + new from link above for update
USRmC can also add or delete current mCodes !!! – you must use identical mC tree

There is updated Realtek UEFI UNDI Driver 2.059 on realtek page but UBU shows UNKNOWN version. Is it safe to force update such thing?

Hello, can I actually update EFI LAN BIOS module for Intel I225? I want to update to Intel UEFI x64 PCI-E 2.5 Gigabit driver v0.9.03. How should I name it when putting in Intel/Lan folder? Dunno about OROM actually which should be right.


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VBIOS.zip (151.0 KB)