driver missing

I decided to install win 10, but the only drivers that win 10 doesn’t recognize of my xiaomi air 13.3 is this: ACPI\WSTADEF\2&DABA3FF&0
can you help me ?

@berem :
To whom did you address your question?
Which is the name/function of the device, which hasn’t been recognized by Win10?
By the way: What has your question to do with the topic of this Sub-Forum (“Intel AHCI/RAID Drivers”)?

sorry @fernando
I got the wrong section
the missing driver of win 10 refers to xiaomi 13.3 air i5 7200u

The HWID is related to the Mi OSD (On-Screen Display) utility, which can be found here (Use a translator to navigate; OSD快捷键功能显示 - OSD shortcut key function display)

Since this driver isn’t obviously related to the Intel AHCI/RAID drivers thematique, it should be moved to “Other devices” subsection

@berem :
What does the Device Manager show?
Here is a screenshot of my Device Manager after having done a fresh installation of the latest Win10 version. There was not a single device, which hasn’t been detected and managed by the OS (no need to install any driver, which is offered by Xiaomi):

Xiaomi Air 13.3 Device Manager.png