EFI LAN BIOS + Intel GopDriver modules

EFI Intel 100GbE UNDI 4.0.25
EFI Intel 10Gigabit UNDI 8.1.04
EFI Intel 40GbE UNDI 4.9.38
EFI Intel PRO1000 UNDI 9.8.15

ethernet.rar (358.5 KB)

Somehow the 2059 made my Z68A GD65 G3 Cant save any settings. tried it with older 2057 and 2056 and they could save my bios settings. wierd?

My MSI Z790 Network (i226-V) OROM version info:
EFI Intel PRO2500 UNDI - 0.a.01
OROM Intel Boot Agent CL - 0.1.14

What are the latest OROM files for items listed? Will UBU be maintained in the future? The latest Intel LAN it lists is i219. It doesn’t list i225 or even i226.

No UBU is currently not maintained, neither from its orignal developer or users.
What keeps UBU running is the use of shared EFI/OPROMs posted in the forum and used manually in UBU.
No support for PRO2500 but it can be replace in UEFI tool, latest CL is 0.1.16

Could you link me to a guide that shows how to use UEFI Tool to update un-supported EFI/OROM, like EFI Intel PRO2500 UNDI .

[Guide] Manual AMI UEFI BIOS Modding - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

(wrong filename in previous post, pretty unwell at the moment)
EFI GOP Driver TigerLake - 17.0.1081
EFI GOP Driver TigerLake - 17.0.1081.zip (69.1 KB)

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From latest Intel® Ethernet Connections Boot Utility, Preboot Images, and EFI Drivers 28.0

UEFI x64 PCI-E gigabit driver undi - 9.8.24.zip (133.5 KB)

Image versions in BootIMG.FLB

Combo Image Version Name 1.3353.0

Combo Rules                    v4.99.00
Intel(R) Boot Agent GE         v1.5.89
Intel(R) Boot Agent XE         v2.4.45
Intel(R) Boot Agent XE (X550)  v2.4.45
Intel(R) Boot Agent I40E       v1.1.42
Intel(R) Boot Agent CL         v0.1.16
Intel(R) Boot Agent ICE        v2.6.01
UEFI x64 PCI-E gigabit driver  v9.8.24
UEFI x64 10 gigabit driver     v8.2.06
UEFI x64 40 gigabit driver     v4.9.49
Intel(R) 800 Series Ethernet Driver v4.0.48
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Is there a list of wireless undi dxe (or NII) drivers? thx


I would like to know the name of the EFI file for the I219V controller
See if there is a newer version


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v0.1.02 (~11/03/2021)

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Ok, thanks

Is for i219V ?



I wrote down which is the last one, you acknowledged it(?), and then you ask someone else about a previously uploaded file if it is the last one? :roll_eyes:

Yes I was asking for confirmation, because on another forum, some say it’s good and some have integrated it into the bios… :thinking:


Anyone know how I can obtain the i226 EFI driver?

I am working on building coreboot for a i3-n305 unit built by CWWK and need this driver - GitHub - captainhook/cwwk-build_coreboot at cwwk_i3-n305


Realtek UEFI UNDI Driver (X64/ARM) v2.063 from 2023/08/30

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EFI UNDI Update for USB Realtek LAN (posted 2023/08/09):
RtkUsbUndiDxe.2.042.2023.07.27_signed.zip (141.2 KB)

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For Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I221-V,
Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I225-V / LM / IT,
Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I226-V / LM / IT,
Killer E3100/E3100X 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Controller :

IntelUndi2.5GigabitDxe.0.a.05_signed.2022.10.25.zip (69.1 KB)