elitedesk 705 g3 b350 add microcodes

I just purchased an hp elitedesk 705 g3 which contains a b350 motherboard currently running a ryzen 3 pro 1200. it has the pinnaclepi-am4 agesa but appears to be missing the microcodes for 2nd gen ryzen processors. any chance @Lost_N_BIOS or @plutomaniac either have knowledge about injecting amd microcode or know another forum member that does. as far as i can tell its not an ami bios but either a proprietary one or a well disguised standard bios. just run the hp bios update exe and it will extract to a set of files including a p09 bios file that is for my machine.

BIOS EXE: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp110501-111000/sp110671.exe

EDIT for clarity: if microcodes need to be swapped out, the early ones for a9 processors are useless to me, but also if thats not enough i obviously don’t need epyc microcodes such as 800f12.