Error 167: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS in Alienware m15r2 Bios

Hi, i want to mod my bios to unlock all the hidden feature. So i’ve watch many youtube video because i’m a big noob on bios and hexadecimal.
Here is my original bios (non modded) :
Here is my modded bios : copy_yt.bin - Google Drive. When i want to flash my bios with Intel flash programming tool, i got this error :
Error 167: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access.
Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable
Protected Range Registers.

FPT Operation Failed.

What can i do to resolve this error?

[[Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing - Special Topics / Intel Management Engine - Win-Raid Forum (](

[[GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (](

Resuming your operation, it should be done in 4 steps…if the SPI regions can be unlocked: The unlock of regions, a Full SPI dump (To store in safe place outside the machine) with the Intel FPT tool being already unlocked (Provides write access to the SPI regions), the mod with a backup of the same dump and finally the flash of that backup mod again by FPT tool, good luck.

Hi MeatWar, thank you for your responce.
I’ve try a lot of time to do these instruction, but i got a problem.
I’ve many PE32, but none of these have “Setup” or “CSMCORE”. SO i don’t know what is the good one to modify.

Can you explain to us, at least, what you’re trying to accomplish?
Is it NVMe mod…this bios doesn’t need it, already present…
This is a personalized DELL OEM bios based on Aptio V Core bios, not a standart AMI Aptio V core bios.

Any other specific issue related to each post/guide linked, post in there, not here.

EDIT: Already told you abou the error. Modern AMI V bios requires IFRextract and hex edit the strings/variables. Did you at least tried a search term “error 167” on this forum…

AMI Setup in GUID 899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21
BIOS Lock VarOffset - 0xB60

Or post a REQUEST mod in the appropriate section.

no sorry , i want to unlock all the advanced option for ram overclock , undervolt in bios.
But i’m noob so i don’t know how to do… i’ve just follow a guide : How to mod bios on PC - YouTube but i’ve receive the error 167, and i want to know how to remove this error .

ok i will put a request if i can’t mod my self. Thank you for your help