FPT Error 167 - Asus - Aptio V , setup_var_cv ineffective?

With modGRUBShell
setup_var 1,2,3 and vs write works and their respected read commands checks it up
setup_var_cv “appears” works , but when reading with cv , values not changed.

FPRR , Bios lock , RTC Memory lock , unlock GPIO pads , Msr lock , Spd write
All disabled with non-cv commands , error 167 still there

“Enable Tools Interface” setting labelled under BIOS Guard in bios image , didnt help either

I have read all “error 167” and “setup_var_cv” posts in this forum and grub’s github tickets

Files for Boringboredoom UEFI editor if you want to examine:

Any ideas?

For a deep learning and no miracles here… it IS what it is.