Gigabyte Z270XP-SLI rev 1.0 coffeelake mod for I7-8700k?

Hey guys I’m new here, I wanted to know if there is a mod I can do to my motherboard ( GA-Z270XP-SLI ). I’d like to upgrade my I5-7500 to either an I7-8700k or the Ryzen 3000 series when they debut in the coming months. I think my mobo has a dual bios so that can help, and I don’t really care if the iGPU doesn’t work or not; I’m also going from a GT 1030 to an RX 580/GTX 1060 soon.

Hi @jefire411 - Yes, you can use either of these AIO tools to make a new BIOS for your 8700K, It’s not already compatible? Wow, I checked, that’s surprising!
[TOOL] Easy automated Mod tool for Coffee Lake bios

Or CoffeeTime app linked near end of this thread
[GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards

Ok, just to make sure I can use the tool provided in the first link to get the modified BIOS, and then I’d have to manually flash it right? If something goes wrong what do I do?

Yes, you can use that tool, nothing should go wrong but if it does you may need flash programmer and SOIC8 test clip cable to recover. Nothing should go wrong though, either mod work or not, if not then you probably need to force flash the FD region with FPT

haha most of what you said was gibberish to me. Could please explain how I to do this? The instructions in the other post aren’t too clear for me either.

@jefire411 - Use the AIO Tool (First link in post #2) and flash the BIOS via Qflash or DOS. If still does not boot with coffee CPU, check ME FW version in windows via HWINF64 in large window on the left, motherboard section, ME Firmware version.
If it’s not same as ME FW version in the mod BIOS you created (11.7), then you will need to use Intel FPT and further BIOS mods to flash the ME region of the BIOS (or tools below)
You can check mod BIOS version ME by dropping it on ME Analyzer exe (Already did, version noted above) -

None of this is easy, you have to get into technical stuff if you want to do these kind of modifications, there is no simple step by step guide, at least I don’t think so other than the guides already here.

Most of what I said was regarding your “if something goes wrong” so it doesn’t apply until then.

These are the tools I mentioned you may need, if something goes wrong (3-5 week delivery, unless you purchase for more $$ locally)

If you do not already have Coffee CPU, then all this waste of time until you have it in your hand.

* Edit, here, to save you some stress, here is mod BIOS, but since I see ME major changes (version and SKU) you will need to get flash programmer if your FD is locked because FD-reflash is required at SKU Change
Due to needing to re-write entire BIOS, I will not add mod BIOS here, I need dump from you to edit first instead, so you don’t loose serial and LAN MAC ID and to check if FD is locked or not.

Please download this Intel ME System Tools package -!CENzmQIC!elS6967PC17_P…fXQ6paCIPRU61fc
Inside you will find Flash Programming Tools folder, and inside that find Win32 folder. Select that Win32 folder, hold shift and press right click, then choose open command window here. Then run the following command, zip up the resulting file and upload to any file host and send me link so I can make BIOS for you.

FPTw.exe -d biosfull.bin

Modified BIOS based on F9d:
ME downgraded to
iGPU GOP updated 1080
iGPU vBIOS updated 1062
PCIE fixed
HT fixed
ACPI fixed
SPD Write Disabled = FALSE

Support all 8th/9th gen CPU, do not support 6th/7th CPU and any Xeon.

Download link:
"下载" means "download"
share password = 4sw6

Flash method:
DOS: run "autoexec.bat"
BIOS: use Q-Flash and select update "ME+BIOS"
Windows: run "_Flash.bat"

for pin work please view picture in CoffeeTime