[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the super prompt reply. Just had one lingering doubt that was more of a “general” BIOS modding related question for which you may have experience- during the flashing procedure itself, will the flashing program let me know for sure whether the procedure (just the flashing part itself) was a) a success; or b) a failure (perhaps causing an immediately bricked BIOS) ?
The reason I ask this is lets say the flashing was a failure, but did not immediately “brick” the laptop, I could then immediately reflash the original BIOS back…but if the “bricking” is only evident on restarting the computer, then perhaps there is more risk I can’t boot into a USB recovery, etc. to reflash the BIOS with the original rom file.

Lastly, I am getting an option to flash the main BIOS region or all regions and there are some other minor options too (AFUWIN_flashing_options.jpg - Google Drive) …which is better ? Also, are there some options seen here that I should be careful to enable/unable before starting the flashing ?

Thanks a lot again!

Thanks for the answer Fernando.
Where I can find the detailed proceed to flash bios using AiSuite by Wishbringer?

Here post #246: [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

Thanks.I tried it but flash with AiSuite didnt work on H87 Plus mobo.
Any other chance to flash for me?

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Just for your information.

Then CH341A programmer
Intel FPT tool from ME9 system tools package, but FD has to be unlocked.

Read the links to understand the procedures and perform as admin CMD:
FPT.exe -d SPI.bin (a full backup to store safelly)
and FPT.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin, if successful reading, in this one only a bios region only backup will be created.
Then this file if FPT.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin can be flashed, it means that its unlocked and you may use it to flash a mod bios region.

Is it possible to use also method with ami tool afuwin?

If you had read the links Fernando provided, then you already have know that AMI tools will not work as the ASUS bios security prevents modified files from being flashed, if it was possible all this guides and the alternatives i posted weren’t needed right…
Same situation prevents it in bios with EZ Flash… welcome to the mod world…

Hello! It seems that the /GAN command is missing…even though i’ve downloaded the 64bit version of the afuwin. Is there another version that the GAN command will work? When I try, it feels like nothing work. The only message there was, “Press any key bla bla bla” The description on the text was “AMI Firmware Update utility(APTIO) for pure 64bits WINDOWS.”
Did I use the wrong version?


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Why didn’t you read the start post carefully?
Here is an excerpt of it:

According to my knowledge the " /GAN" command works with all AFUDOS version, but only with older AFUWIN versions (as WeatWar has written).

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Thanks! Got it working under the version as meatwar mentioned. Already flashed on my Asus Z87K. Glad that I found this post!

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Yes, you obviously used a not working AFUWIN version, because you haven’t read the related part of the start post.
Bad consequence for MeatWar and me: We both wasted our free time unnecessarily for you.
Don’t expect any further support from my side.

But CH341A programmer and Intel FPT tool are too complicated for me…
It looks like the road ends here and without flashed bios :disappointed_relieved:

ASUS bios mod on motherboards without USB BFB, options are AI Suite, CH341A, Intel FPT tool or AMI /GAN…and welcome to the mod world…what did you expected from trying modified files to be flashed.

Only flash option I can try is Afudos with usb key or Afuwin / GAN

Hi MeatWar.
I followed the instructions created by the oldguy user with the same H87 mobo but stopped at those last instructions. I can’t run afuwin64.exe in the command line windows 10.could you show me where and how to insert exactly please?

Successfully done.Last question.
Where I can find the the right bios settings for NVMe ssd with pcie adapter installed .

To read and learn: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum