[Help] Add Coffee Lake Refresh Microcode to Coffee Lake Bios

Hey guys, im a total bios noob but maybe you can give me directions where to look/start.

Dell just refreshed their Optiplex models with the latest 9th generation Intel CPU while retaining the exact same hardware as the previous 8th generation far as i know. For marketing reasons the 8th generation (Coffee Lake) models did not receive a BIOS update to allow the use of the Coffee Lake refresh CPUs. Would it be possible to transplant the microcode part of the new bios into the older ones?

Dell uses some packed up .exe for their BIOS files, as i’m a Linux user i’m unsure how to unpack :confused:

https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER05668194M/1/Op…_3060_1.4.2.exe (Coffee Lake)
https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER05936083M/1/Op…_3070_1.2.1.exe (Coffee Lake Refresh)

Thanks for any info!