I’m a newbie when it comes to bios so please bear with me…I’ve successfully changed AC loadline, turned off TVB, EET, CEP etc using the ru.efi method with this laptop, however for these values I actually got them from the bios of another manufacturer (MSI) with the same cpu as I am unable to read the Asus bios successfully with UEFITool (when loaded it shows UEFI image instead of Intel image with MSI bios), thus not being able to search for say ‘overclocking features’ to locate the PE32 section to be extracted and read in IRFextractor. In ru.efi I’ve seen other sections and would like to know what features are there and what can be changed. Any help would be appreciated!

Link to bios: ASUS TUF Gaming F16 (2024)|Laptops For Gaming|ASUS Global

P.S. link only has the 307 version but I actually have version 309 installed via MyAsus but I dont know how to dump that

Perfectly correct because you’re working in an Asus bios update file and not a fully and expanded bios image (differs from models and Asus publications), like RU can see it a working system.
UEFI tool opens an UEFI image of each bios, not the tool fault how the image is assembled*compressed.
You have to work in dump of the current system.
Be aware that its an AMI v2 protected image…not good sign for mods…

The 309 should be in the Windows folder updates or driver store.
Dumps can be made with Intel FPT tool…if possible…because bios and laptop model is too new for “leaked” tools around, MEi system tools.

Ahh that explains it perfectly…so in a sense what Asus puts out for download is something like a patch file rather than the whole bios am I correct?
Yeah I’m not trying to mod it, more like trying to work out what each code means in each section and what I can change to improve performance.
I checked C:\Windows\Firmware but it has the same file that can be downloaded from Asus website, I guess I’m left with the Intel FPT method? According to HWinfo I have Intel ME version 16.1 Build 2264 Hot Fix 30, is it still possible to dump the bios?

Not always like this and depends on model and Asus releases.

If it was in WU the file should be stored in a sub-folder of windows, if it was Asus app then its in some folder related

About ME… you should take a look at the fowling threads/tools, for better understanding:
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Thanks! I’ll give these a good read