[HELP] Dell OptiPlex 9020m Bios error

After updating my bios with windows update my computer did not turn on again, the led stays white and sometimes the fan increases its revolutions, I hope you can help me with this big problem.

The pc does not give image and I cannot access the bios.

You need a CH341 programmer, dump the content of the firmware chip and attach it / post it so that someone might have a look into the firmware to see if the firmware really is the culprit and if that’s so how to fix it.

Perfect I will buy the programmer and attach the files from my dell.

Hi all, these are the files I extracted with CH341 programmer, both are 8 MB, one is supposed to be 4 MB and the other 8 MB.
BIOS DELL 9020M.zip (9.5 MB)

What chips types are these?

Micron 25Q064A and Micron 25Q03213

Well, seems to be some corruption here.

1.) How did you manage to read a 4 MByte SPI and get an 8 MByte file?
2.) How often did you read the chips? Did you get 2 identical reads to confirm good dumps?

To keep it simple:
Save the padding from your bios- region (in the complete firmware image from 0x640000 to 0x690000)

It starts with “DVAR”
(There’s 2 DVAR blocks starting at 0x640000 and 0x648000, just copy the complete padding)

Extract the bios region from update A14, exchange the corresponding area with the saved padding.
In the stock bios that’ll replace the two opened dummy efi volumes.

Exchange the corrupted bios region with the stock bios region from update which you prepared with your padding.

If in doubt clean/reinitialize the ME according to

Flash both chips back, read the content after flashing in a separate process, save dumped new content with different name and compare to original, no difference is allowed.

I have not been able to do the process, there are some things that I have not understood, where can I download the A14 bios?

I tried with a 9020 BIOS and the computer turns on but the ethernet does not work, it happens something like the case of the following thread: [HELP] Dell OptiPlex 9020m Intel ME flash Bricked - #5 by Lost_N_BIOS