[Help] Donovan's EFI Variable Dumper Download

@Lost_N_BIOS sorry for taking so long to replay. i had some work coming up. I did try S5 and last state but they didn’t have any effect I also tried every Lan related setting trying to enable Wake on Lan but without any success either. But the method does work and I’m able to change other settings like AHCI for example and that does work without a problem so maybe the hardware doesn’t support what i need.

But now I’m starting to have a new problem. I have another laptop that is identical to the first one same hardware, board, bios and everything (i bought both of the laptops at the same time). The problem is that if I use this method on the second laptop and change any settings then it would result in a brick and I have to reset the CMOS in order to make it work again(sound familiar). I tried to flash a different version of bios without a success I even tried the same the same bios from the first laptop and that didn’t work either.

@Abdulla060 - so you are able to change AHCI to IDE using these methods, and it works? If yes, and the others do not, you are correct it may be due to lack of hardware support.
I don’t know what all hardware wake on LAN needs, but I know there can either be a PXE module in the BIOS for wake on lan or not (I will check), can you see the LAN LED light when trying this enabled, and then not when disabled? I think that usually remains on when enabled.

Second machine BIOS, sounds like it’s on a newer BIOS with maybe internal RSA signature checking or something like that. Flash it to the exact same BIOS you’re using on this first one and see if same continues to happen.
Ohh, you tried this without working? Sounds like not the same model then, double check and make sure it’s all exactly the same.