[HELP] Gigabyte MD71-HB0 : Onboard LAN MAC Adresses wiped (00:00:00:00:00:00)...How to solve?

If you only want to rewrite the MAC address, you can use the eeupdate.exe in this post.

This post I hope will be very helpful as I have a Datto (reflashed to Gigyabyte Bios) MD71-HD0 with wiped NICS.

The URL https://ufile.io/vzi492n8 to the V4 CSE SPS System Tools seems to dead now. Does anybody have the software saved and available or a link.

Thanks in advance.


Using the 5.30.xx software in the link provided by Nozay33 I was successfully able to update the MAC addresses on the two 10G and two 1G NICs which were erases by the DATTO to Gigyabyte reflash

Download the FreeDOS USB image
Collect the MAC addresses from the stickers on the LAN ports

  • Stacked 10G x 2
  • Single 1G
  • Single 1G with BMC

Create FreeDOS USB image using RUFUS
Set MD71-HDO to legacy boot
Run eeupdate to figure out which NIC # is 10G ports and 1G ports
Update the nics

  • eeupdate /NIC=1 /MAC=nic 1 mac
  • eeupdate /NIC=2 /MAC=nic 2 mac
  • eeupdate /NIC=3 /MAC=nic 3 mac
  • eeupdate /NIC=4 /MAC=nic 4 mac

It should not matter if the 10G nic MACS get switched between the upper and lower RJ45, same with 1G MACs between the left and right.

I do not know how to assign the BMC address to the first 1G NIC but I don’t think it matters as the BMC has its own MAC which did not seem to get erased by the DATTO to Gigabyte BIOS migration

After the MACs are updated

  • power off the server,
  • unplug the power,
  • reset the CMOS using the jumper near the battery
  • wait 30 seconds
  • reset the jumper for normal position
  • plug server back in
  • power on
  • enter SETUP and you you see the MACs restored.
  • Update settings to your requirements

Setting the MACs fixed my WIndows NIC issues.

Thanks for all who contributed to this thread

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@rpn Hi and welcome to Win-Raid forums.

Thank you for reporting back on how you solved the erased MAC address issue when flashing official Gigabyte BIOS to a Datto board so that others may do the same.

I have the same problem with an original gigabyte md71-hb0, problem appeared after r10-r14 maybe.

gigabyte enterprise/business support does not want help and can not offer any tools to fre-flash the onboard NICs.

all 4 (2x1gb/2x10gb) show a mac of all zeros, only the BMC Nic is working as expected.


I just made an account on this forum to say thank you thank you thank you.

Really appreciate your help, ive been pulling my hair out as to why its not working, dont know what i would have done without this forum post, thank you again.

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