Help Identifying BIOS

I have a Bios rom I’d like to add 3rd gen CPU support to but I can’t seem to open the rom with anything, can someone help?
The BIOS is for an Acer-Veriton-S4610G

I’ve tried using AMIBCP v3.37 and a few other programs but I keep getting unable to open file errors.
I’m also yet to determine the make, I’m guessing its AMI but still not 100% sure.

Link to BIOS:
Official Link:…C=ACER&SC=AAP_1

@andrewlapham - Is this dumped with a programmer, the file at Ohh, I guess not?!? Why did you link the same BIOS twice?
Please wait, checking BIOS for you now and will edit in info shortly
* Edit - This is AMI Aptio IV BIOS, open with AMIBCP 4.55, or UEFITool etc (Many other tools)

Here is current microcodes, so you can see what CPUID’s are supported by default


No, I can dump it if needed though. I left the Official link just in case anyone had a problem using the link I provided.

No need for dump, I just assumed you dumped it since you said he is BIOS and then here is stock BIOS link. I see what you mean about why now, I get it
See my edits above.

Thanks that worked. could you point me in the right direction for finding the microcode for an i7 3770? I know I have to pull it from a compatible BIOS but any direction would be great. can I just use any BIOS of the same make that supports this chip?
Im assuming its as easy as injecting the mirco code and calling it a day haha. would I be correct?

What is your chipset? To update from SB to Ivy, you usually need at least certain chipset, and ME FW 8 sometimes required, which your BIOS chip itself may not be large enough to hold either.
ME 7 to ME8 isn’t something we can do as end users, due to many other modules also need updated in the BIOS at same time.

I7-3770 (306A4 CPUID) you can get here -

No, nothing easy here about what you want to do, and probably not possible.
Maybe you get lucky and manufacturer has put out a IVY BIOS for that system and we can find somewhere in google, if not you may only be able to use SB CPU.

Since you have programmer, you may be able to put on X4620G BIOS, or some other similar, but you’d have to find which system is most similar to yours, and then maybe you could get lucky.
BIOS Chip may need replaced with a 8MB chip though, or maybe 4MB

* Edit - Please link me to the BIOS download page for this system, I can’t find it at Acer site.

** Edit 2, further research done, this is Q65 chipset, will not support Ivy Bridge CPU no matter what is done. Best you can do is whatever SB CPU you can afford, which is good because they are cheap now on ebay, get 2500-2700K

Thanks so much for your help btw. I just had the board laying around and wanted to explore this a bit. so its not needed, just a bit of fun.

You’re welcome! See my edits (x2) above, in case you missed them while typing out your reply.