[Help needed] ASUS Prime Z270-A Coffee Lake BIOS mod (BGA mutant Xeon E2286-m)

Hello there!

This is my first forum post ever and english is not my 1st language so please don’t mind some mistakes.

I have bought Intel Xeon E2286-M from aliexpress and I have a few questions about the bios mod.
Here is my CoffeTime 0.99 result

1.is the intel ME version right ,should I use the corporate one?
2.also is the VBIOS + Gop right , I would like to use the iGPU if it is possible
3.I didn’t use FD44 editor for MAC adress and S/N , I dumped my bios using AFUWIN GUI, and copied the personal data over in CoffeeTime ,is that a valid way?
4.and well the most important question… I don’t have a programmer and I am not really keen on buying stuff for single time use… can I use AFU or Intel FPT to flash ,my motherboard doesn’t have bios flashback

Thanks in advance!

  1. ME COR! not con
  2. VBIOS + Gop need upgrade
  3. yes
  4. why microcodes very old?
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dont forget flash intel fpt with correct command line -bios to flash in bios only, read my guide thread

I can’t flash using INTEL FPT , I always get Error 368: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space.
I checked the bios lock option in coffeetime off

here try method for easy way unlock that bios lock, [GUIDE] Usage of AMI’s AptioV UEFI Editor + Flash Method

Well I flashed it yesterday with AFUWIN64 v3.05.04 with the /GAN command.
It successfully flashed it but…
I went to dump the bios to see if its all right and well ,it isn’t.

For some reason Intel ME is CON + enabled even tho I selected COR + disabled and SKU hack and FD Locks aren’t there
I should prolly try with FPT I guess

yes brother, afu win cannot acces deep region of bios brother

Can I ignore this warning?

Got an error

Error 451: The host CPU does not have write access to the target flash area. To enable write access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.
FPT Operation Failed.

ch341 costs such ridiculous money that the time spent without it is already more expensive

you need to unlock flash descryptor permission brother, follow my tutorial in guide, you can search hidden menu flash descryptor

Well it isn’t about cost,I just dislike having stuff lying around unused , whether it is $2 or $2000
I see I have really no option so I will buy it , hopefully, it will come soon.
Do you have any version of the programmer that you recommend?