Help needed - PCIe bifurcation on Supermicro X11SSZ-F

Thanks for this info! Now at least I know what that is for, but do you know what editing those can be useful for, anything similar to what I wanted to do here?

Yes, I thought with the unhidden BIOS settings he would be able to get something figured out, and there’s another section that I didn’t post images of, it has PCIE Function swap (Default disabled), and entire pages of settings for each PCIE lane 1-24, one of which the settings has an option that is M2 (!)
And also some RST/SATA settings that may help him too, involving PCIE, all shown below




Thank you for the setting suggestions and all this info I’m sure those will help him. I only planned to enable the setting to be visible for him, and then he could change, so I’m sure that will help.

Here is the complete BIOS in print screens, hope to get them all…I split them into two zip files because of size…

Please let me know if you need anything else.

I separated the PEG config prtscr in advanced zip file, as I think that is the important one, right?

BIOS (4.86 MB)

BIOS (3.1 MB)

Thanks @patak17 , I will check this all out, but I think maybe as mentioned above we wont have any luck with this

@Lost_N_BIOS If it works it will be awesome, if not, I really appreciate the effort, I know that there is no guaranties…in any case Thank you!

OK, here is largely unlocked BIOS, nearly all sections and settings should now be visible. Some sections may be empty, if so let me know and I will fix. This is due to sometimes enabling at root level enables all within, so I leave some like that.
Other times you must go inside after enabling root and further enable the settings within, I did not do that for some things because no need to enable something that may already be enabled due to root enabling, so let me know if anything new is empty.
You can also compare sections with AMIBCP, if you see something missing let me know I can enabled.

BIOS lock is enabled, so you will have to boot to efi shell / grub to disable BIOS lock, since you are not using a hardware flash programmer right now.
Here is my guide on doing this unlock - [GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash
Few things to note before/while reading the guide and doing this unlock before you can flash this mod BIOS. When guide says rename the shell.efi file, you need to rename to >> Shell.efi (If it’s already that, great, nothing to rename - I forget file name in guide, sorry )
You can start guide mainly on step #6, because here is your variable you need to edit >> 0x8BA

So at grub prompt you will type the following
Setup_var 0x8BA 0x0

I have enabled this section for you to edit/change the BIOS Lock setting later at the BIOS level if you want, and set it to disabled for now (So next flash, after this it will already be disabled). Advanced >> Chipset Config >> PCH I/O >> Security
This will be reset to default any time you flash a new stock BIOS (all these mod changes will be lost then too)

Then, to flash BIOS download this Intel ME System Tools package -!GRFHjQyY!OyVZDCdMQmWku…aSvA2vsQd51wxDI
Inside you will find Flash Programming Tool folder, and inside that find WIN32 folder. elect the WIN32 folder, hold shift and press right click, choose “Open command window here”
At the command window type the following command, and send me the resulting file, this way I can put your board specific details (Serial, UUID, SLIC Keys etc) back into the mod BIOS before I send it to you

FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

@patak17 - Sorry, I should have had you give me this before I got started, forgot until I was typing this out about to send you mod BIOS (So mod BIOS is not 100% ready yet, need to put in your details but that’s a quick swap)

@Lost_N_BIOS Hi, thanks for quick reply…here is the bin file, from the computer that needs modded BIOS…is that what you need ?

In the meantime I will unlock the bios… :slight_smile: (4.21 MB)

Thanks! @patak17 - Yes, that’s what I needed, here is BIOS mod, flash using command below, similar to how you created the dump -…660008704794694
FPTw.exe -bios -f ModBIOSReg.bin

@Lost_N_BIOS Hi, regarding BIOS lock disable…on USB stick there should be only Shell.efi in root, nothing else, right ? Thanks!

There can be other files, just make sure Shell.efi is in root iof the USB (no folder) and that you follow what the rest of the guide mentions about disabling secure boot.