Help request BIOS Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 rev.2.1

I tried to flash different versions from the manufacturer’s website, blocking the CPU boost on each one has no effect, the i5 4460 clocks are at 3.2Ghz, the multiplier is 32, changing to 34 has no effect

Some mbs will get Turbo multipliers fixed with updated/downgraded ME9.x FW versions.

Latest F4 bios has the and can be upgraded to latest ME 9.1 1.5MB v9.1.40.1000 or user choice sticking in same range of the 9.0, with the ME 9.0 1.5MB v9.0.31.1487

cpu mCodes may also have impact on OC features besides Intel Turbo specs.

EDIT: Latest 306C3 is 28.
MMtool or HEX editor can change the desired mcode to whatever version you want.
Flashing the mod should be only with Q-Flash.

Before you procede, the latest bios has the mcodes 12 and 19 for the 306C3, if you block/rename/delete the mcupdate_genuineintel.dll in windows sys (it loads mcode 27) the OS will use the bios mcodes and not the Windows mcode. See how it goes.

If you want to try the mod with old mcodes 06/07, at YOUR OWN RISK, here’s the file:
b85hd32F4_oldMcode.rar (2.8 MB)

All mods are a risky operation, DO NOT engage if this your main system and you don’t have any skills to recover the mainboard bios if anything fails.

I just read that it is possible that an older version of the processor microcode may allow blocking the turbo function at 3.4 Ghz

from what I’ve read, it’s probably version 07 or 06
This time, I think version 0.27 is active in my case

take a look
I’m thinking about replacing the microcode with an older version, if possible
I’ve been trying to learn how to do this for a week
If anyone could help on this matter? .
Regards and thank you for your answers

I don’t know anything about the hex editor and I don’t want to mess something up, I know how to flash the bios, but I don’t know how to modify it, and that’s my problem

thank you, I’ll check, if I have dual BIOS, I can always restore it from the backup if something doesn’t work, that’s how I understand it, I’ll let you know :grinning:
I don’t know yet how to go about it, what to do with this file

That’s bad… it indicates that you’re not paying attention to what’s written before… that’s the details that can lead to a death motherboard, let’s try again will you…

I mean that I have no idea how to put the code into the BIOS, I meant the file with the old code, I am not proficient in modifying the BIOS, I can only update it and set the parameters, that’s where my knowledge ends ,it would be nice if someone would be willing to help and upload the old code to the latest bios, then I could flash it,

Ok… I’m not going too lose more time on this, you’re having difficulties in reading posts or you simply don’t want to use my file and do it yourself, that’s great and a user choice only, now you don’t expect me to give a “classroom” on HED editor and MMtool… sorry no time for lessons, read and learn, all the best and good luck.