Help to change bios 270s vostro

Hi every1 im new and my english is bad
Can help to run my SO from pci e. My bios have’t that option i have not money to buy 1 pc new :frowning:

Thx for all

Extract/Run the Dell bios EXE, get the file PS-A13.bin and mod it, guide here:

Use AMI MMtool method and insert small DXE NVMe variant.

Compare original and mod files with UEFItool, for pad displacement.

Read also:


I give up :frowning:

Giving Up Is not a Solution Bro :sweat_smile:

I can Teach you if You want, or Edit it for you :kissing_heart:

Bro i know that the problem to me is the english i dont understand all and is so hard to me