Help with Access to Bios but Win OS works fine

so have no issues with the operating system,the notebook works fine.i forgot the bios password that i put on it so long im trying to see if i can find the pw in the dump file?i did a dump already but from their not sure how to proceed.i already tried the normal remove the cmos battery and the notebook battery and left it like that for days but still has pw.its for a Yoga 13 notebook.Thanks in advance.

@James_Dillon - You can try third method here -…pad-laptop.html

Other than that, you will need to dump BIOS and see if @DeathBringer can get the password for you or help to clear it out.
He is user here, but his main forum is so you may need to ask/find him over there if he doesn’t have time to reply here within a few days.

It’s Lenovo, passwords not in BIOS.

So am i wasting my time with using a spi programmer and trying to dump a new bios back to notebook to bypass the pw?