Hi there, i have a problem that ive keeped running into walls with

I am the proud owner of a G3258. Many of you on these forums likely know of this cpu. I brought it like most people with the intention of overclocking it. I currently own a B85 chipset motherboard namely a GA-B85M-D3H (rev. 2.0)


My problem is that the vcore is locked to 1.2, the ring voltage is also locked but i’ll have to get back to you what the limit is its a similar figure. Basically ive put up alot of posts all over the net about this problem and so far no one has helped let alone really given any useful suggestions beyond buy a new motherboard.

Im really not happy about gigabytes poor support, the revision 1.0 they released a new bios update that did unlock the vcore to 1.8 yet there was no bios update for this board. Ive dabbled with the bios and also the awesome uefi ami tool on here and that’s cool i was able to update the cpu microcode it flashes fine etc but to unlock the voltage requires more skill than i posses.

Now its possible that ive not got the greatest example of a G3258 as they say silicon lottery and all but with a voltage of 1.2 i can only overclock by 300mhz. It drives me crazy that gigabyte choose not to release a bios update to unlock the voltage for this revision of the board.

The current bios ive got flashed is FB released on 2014/06/20

Im wondering if anyone on these forums has the skill and knowledge to increase the vcore lock to even 1.3 volts it would make a profound difference on my overclocking. I came to the conclusion that i’ll just have to buy a new motherboard but i know there is a way to do this for someone with the right skill.

Here is a link to one of the threads i commented on and the poor guy who came to the same conclusion as me.


Thanks for your time in advance anyone that chooses to offer assistance.

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Since I am not an expert regarding this sort of BIOS modding, I hope, that you will get support by someone, who knows more than me.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Ok thanks. I tried the updated cpumicrocode from the ami tool seems to of made things work better but now overclocking is disabled lol. Its just the bios rom being modified it must change something that allows k-series cpu’s to be overclocked. A pity because the microcode may of just improved my overclocks. Im sticking with it for now but shall resume research, forever learning hardware hacking hehe.